Filatelia Sammarinese s.r.l.

Founded in 1995, Filatelia Sammarinese has been operating, since the beginning, with public and mail-order auctions and with sales at net prices.

The sectors dealt with both new and used stamps and letters and postal history: postal stationery is immediately a point of reference for all collectors. 

Over 100 public or mail-order auctions have been carried out and sold at net prices by sending the respective catalogs to thousands of Italian and foreign collectors. 
The public auctions - currently three a year which are held in San Marino - and the online auctions can be followed live with the possibility of participating directly via the website

An e-commerce website has been opened since 2000 in which thousands of pieces are offered for direct sale in addition to the publication of auction catalogs.
Since 2020 we have been taking care of the constantly updated edition of the "Filagrano Interi Postali" catalogue.

The company is at the most important San Marino, Italian, and European philatelic events. 

Our offices are located in the Customs area near the border with Italy, reachable in 10 minutes from the Rimini Sud motorway exit. 

Currently, in addition to the sole administrator and the attorney, the staff comprises Paola, Ramona and Andrea, who are available for every need of collectors.

The offices are open to the public by appointment only:

Monday to Friday (from 9.00 to 13.00 - from 14.30 to 17.30)
Tel. 0549.91.02.25
Tel. international 00378.91.02.25
Fax. 0549.90.97.42
Fax. Internazionale 00378.90.97.42
email Commercial office:
email Administrative office:
email Direzione:

Filatelia Sammarinese S.r.l.
Piazza Enriquez 22/c
47891 Dogana
Repubblica di San Marino